Laurence Bastin

If I were…

A vegetable

I would be a bunch of tulips because what I like is that they each take their place harmoniously while leaving room for the others, they are graceful and do not need much water to blossom.

An animal

I would be an alley cat that walks its crazy independence from roofs to gardens, breaks into other houses, runs in little supple bounds after a mouse, rubs itself in the legs of those it loves, purrs happily while stretching in the sun.

An emotion

I would be the inner peace to offer it to every human I meet

A sacred place

I would be a tiny Romanesque church, perched in a village in the middle of the mountains, a place where hikers come to seek a little coolness and rest.

If I had to describe myself…

Laurence Bastin coach entreprise en jeu avec équipe

Liberating the potential of each person

Assisting people to become autonomous

Unifying what seems divided

Reconciling reason and intuition

Encouraging every small step towards peace

Nuance every aspect of things

Creating a connection with all living things

Enlarging the song of my heart

My coop’ines say about me…

Laurence, one of the things I like about you is your ability to let go of intrusions, disruptive elements, changes, which allows you to get to the heart of the matter with grace. I also love your determination and your ability to redraw the word when you convey your messages. Your words and attention are gifts.


Laurence, what I appreciate about you is your grounding. Connected to women and to Mother Earth, you coach with all the authenticity that flows from the depths of your roots. Alongside this spirit of benevolence, you are also an entrepreneur with a clear and assertive direction. In our collaboration, I feel that we have a solid basis for co-constructing a project that is close to our hearts.


To know me better

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