Gaëlle Ryelandt

If I were…

An instrument

I would be an accordion. Playing this instrument is a resourceful moment for me. As in coaching, the accordion provides a framework via the bass to the left hand while the right hand plays the melody and tells its story.

A character

I would be a conductor… Gathering around a common project, making sounds and senses vibrate, listening to each other to compose a beautiful harmony.

An object

I would be a talking mirror… Not the Queen’s in Snow White, but your reflection that offers you another image of yourself and that pushes you to go further in your introspection process.

A colour

I would be the orange of the Buddhist monks. We all have this light within us to illuminate our own path and to enchant that of others through presence and benevolence. We just need to be aware of it and cherish the present moment.

If I had to describe myself …

Glad to help people grow  by passing on what I have learned, what enriches me

Artist : multi-faceted creativity

Enthusiast : energy in my countless projects, joie de vivre

Leadership : launching new concepts and being the driving force behind them

Links : creating links between people, connecting ideas, networking in my own way

Evolutive : always learning, challenging myself, adapting, putting things into perspective

My coop’ines say about me…

Gaëlle, what I appreciate in particular about you is your ease in questioning yourself, in all and great humility. I also like to hear you juggle with ideas, new leads and I recognise your sense of sharing in all its forms. You are positive, constructive, hard-working. Your perspective on life is a gift.


Gaëlle is meticulous, with a taste for things that are well thought out and well done. This curious woman, trained in various coaching practices, dares to mix very different tools. She makes them her own and creates her own “medicine“. Underneath her classical appearance, she is very particular. I appreciate her fine and complex approach to this beautiful profession, and the unique way she looks at the world.


To know me better…

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