Fabienne Baise

If I were…

A spice

I would be cardamom, which brings freshness and tone to simple dishes, both sweet and savoury. “Mmmmmmm” in pannacotta and rice pilaf!

A landscape

I would be the one who surprises, the one you don’t expect at the bend of a staircase, a steep slope, a gap between two rocks and who leaves you speechless, just your eyes and your heart to soak it in.

A colour

I would be the ochre of the Earth, this hue that transported me during a trip to Cuenca (Spain)

A wish

That every child born on this earth could receive the love and the protection he/she needs to make his/her way with heart, power and conscience.

If I had to describe myself…

Fabienne Baise coach entreprise en jeu

Folie douce, de l’enfant qui se laisse à rire, à se rouler par terre, à mordre la vie, Na !

Adaptable : I believe in the importance to correspond into what emerges

Breath : a reminder to be present to ourself

Intuition : a call to one’s knowledge in its broadest sense

Engaged : towards others and oneself, with humility and humanity

Newness : to be fully lived and which creates that space-time of curiosityé

Nothingness : an access to a state of being and no-being, source of creation and inspiration

Energy : which connects us, makes us vibrate and relates us to the « All »

My coop’ines say about me…

Fabienne is reliability incarnate. Someone you can always count on. Invested both professionally and personally in the well-being of others, for Fabienne, the word empathy comes in all its lovely shades. This great professional leaves nothing to chance, but underneath her very serious aspects, she is also a playful woman.
To describe her poetically: she’s a fairy godmother!


Fabienne, what I appreciate about you is your sensitivity. With enormous respect for your interlocutors, you always try to find the right words to express with gentleness what you think. In search of harmony, you like exploration, introspection, learning about yourself and others in a spirit of growth. Your spontaneity, your laughter and your freshness are intertwined with the deep exchanges that are dear to me in our meetings.


To know me better

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