Our team

In accordance with our creative spirit, we have chosen to introduce our team via the 6 levers model. So you are on the right page!

The coop’ines

The philosophy of cooperation

“Giving and receiving” is a state of mind that we all had long before we met. We have continued to cultivate it, wishing to spread it both through the content of our coaching and in our attitude. It guides us in each of our assignments.

Our common goal

The desire and need to spread our wings throughout the world of organizations (including families) and individuals to awaken consciousness and sow seeds of humanity.

The quality of our relationship

We cultivate it through authentic, human and lively discussions, by listening to the needs and ambitions of each of us and implement them into the common professional project.

The complementarity of our talents

All three of us have worked in the field of communication in different sectors: corporate and institutional (Gaëlle), artistic (cinema) and non-profit (Laurence), journalistic and non-profit (Fabienne). Rich in these experiences, each of us continues to train in her field of choice:

  • ecoritual®, ecopoetry, entrepreneurial coaching: Laurence’s website
  • transitions, search for meaning, animartiste  : Gaëlle website
  • enneagram, energetics, communication: Fabienne’s site (under construction)


This is one of our common talents. The “Why not?” that encourages the multiplicity of ideas, solutions and adaptations. With creativity, everything is possible.

Collaborative processes

For each assignment, we aim for a fair distribution of tasks and provide maximum ease for each of us, depending on the sector, the client or the assignment. The pleasure of working on our common mission remains the driving force of the process.

Politique de confidentialité

Coop’n Coach respecte l’ensemble des dispositions légales consacrées à la protection de la vie privée, conformément à la Loi du 8 décembre 1992 (Loi « Vie Privée ») et à l’arrêté royal du 13 février 2001.

Privacy policy

Coop’n Coach complies with all the legal provisions on the protection of privacy, in accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992 (“Privacy” Law) and the Royal Decree of 13 February 2001.

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