Educational workshops

In addition to team coaching, Coop’n coach has specialised in the practical use of transferable soft skills. During these workshops, we make participants aware of the use of practical, simple and effective tools and methodologies that can be tried out in a professional or private setting.

This support is mainly offered to supervisors (teachers, trainers, pedagogical teams, training centres for qualifications, social promotion or work-linked training, socio-professional integration centres), but also to learners (young people and adults). They can also be adapted to any other demands outside the educational sector.

These workshops take place in groups and offer :

  • experimentation with games and creative techniques
  • a process of feedback to debrief on what has been experienced and perceived
  • a time of integration to make the link between what has been experienced and the reality of the professional reality

The sharing in sub-groups and plenary sessions provide the necessary support to open expression, and talking about difficulties, expectations or aspirations. It enables a growth of awareness, and gives useful impulses to those who wish to continue their personal development.

Our goal is to help people strengthen their attitude, to take the right mindset to achieve personal fulfillment in a stimulating way.

La confiance en soi pour le bien-être au travail + soft skills

Feeling good

Autonomy, creativity and freedom

Self-confidence and self-esteem

How can I become more confident and use all my resources to the benefit of my projects and aspirations?

This workshop helps us work on what holds us back, limits us in our achievements, relationships and hinders our (r)evolution. It encourages us to challenge the parts of ourselves that have not received the necessary recognition in order to grow in autonomy, creativity and freedom. We experience boldness, trial and error, creativity, success, celebration and self-love.

The talents

What can I offer the world? What are the talents and skills I have that I can put at the service of others and society?

Identifying, in a caring and non-judemental setting, the inner resources that we can use in our projects, and also consider those appropriate to develop in order to make our biggest dreams come true. A self-immersion through games and various activities calling on all our forms of intelligence.

La complémentarité pour le bien être au travail + soft skills

Long live complementarity

Sharing resources

Grandir ensemble pour le bien être au travail + soft skills

Growing together

Encouraging each other

The feedback

Did you know that receiving feedback is like receiving a shot of love and adrenaline? Because being recognised in the eyes of others, receiving attention, with a “it’s great what you’re doing” or a “it would be nice if you could improve this or that”, makes us feel alive, challenges us, makes us want to reach for the moon, to surpass ourselves.

In this workshop, we experiment how to give (ourselves) real good feedback, how to encourage and motivate each other and how to challenge each other with goodwill and humility.

Stress management

Stress is good, but only in small doses ! It helps us get involved in projects, take on challenges and embrace short-term changes. But when stress is present on a daily basis and long-lasting, literally eating us up, it is time to take care of it.

In this workshop, we will discover the different types of stress, understand what happens in our brain and in our body. We will then experiment with different methods to regulate stressful moments using the head, the heart, the body and the mind.

Le bon stress pour le bien être au travail + soft skills

Cultivate good stress

Better understand the triggers and regulate your emotions

Trouver sa juste place pour le bien être au travail + soft skills

Finding your right place

Daring to express and affirm yourself


To gain more freedom of action and autonomy, to be fair in your relationship with others, you have to find your right place. This is not always easy as most of us are inclined to give way to others or do not dare to fully express ourselves (being afraid of… ).

In this workshop, we will explore different techniques involving the heart and the body which will help take your place, express your feelings and needs and assert yourself.

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