Totem Cooperation Game ©

Totem Cooperation Game© is a board game that takes the team through different experiences to foster cooperation.

The game offers playful interactions to strengthen the cohesion within the team throughout the day.

The strength of this approach lies in the debriefings during which our coaches make the participants aware of the way they interact.

The experience takes place both around the board and during related activities including self-awareness, team games, talent discovery and creativity boosting tools.

Coach entreprise avec des élèves

The benefits of this approach

  • Reconnecting with energy and enthusiasm at work
  • Create consistency within the team
  • Strengthen intrinsic motivation
  • Unite the team around a common goal
  • Increase individual and group effectiveness
  • Recognising individual and collective talents
  • Find meaning and coherence in a common vision

Totem is designed for all types of teams: managerial, cross-functional, operational, mobile and groups of students or trainees.

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