Cooperation, a matter of perception…

CoopQuest© is a secure and confidential online survey that allows employees to express their individual and collective perception of the notion of cooperation within their team.

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Created by Viavectis, this tool (FR – NL – EN) is entirely digital and is a feedback tool on cooperation.

More than a statistical measure or an exact analysis, it is a snapshot of the cooperative spirit perceived by a specific team at a specific time.

In line with our philosophy, it is based on the 6 levers of cooperation©.


  • To highlight the specific nature of of cooperation in a team
  • To enable each member of staff to give feedback in confidence
  • To identify the levers on which the team can act in priority
  • To measure the perception of cooperation at different times in the life of a team


  • An online questionnaire that guarantees the confidentiality of individual responses
  • A self-diagnosis for individual awareness of cooperation
  • A scoring tool at team level for a shared assessment
  • A guide for discussion with the coach to identify potential levers for action
  • Concrete ideas for strengthening cohesion

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Coop’n Coach complies with all the legal provisions on the protection of privacy, in accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992 (“Privacy” Law) and the Royal Decree of 13 February 2001.

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