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Each workshop is a gateway to cooperation. We help your teams become more effective by strengthening group cohesion, and encouraging trust and collaborative behaviour.

The facilitation is also participative, as the best solutions are those that you find yourself because they are best adapted to your work reality.

Each workshop encourages solo, pair and large group activities. The participants discover each other in a different way thanks to the various types of interactions.

Using these 6 levers, identify the one you would like to improve in your teams. Depending on your needs, we will design a tailor-made workshop to take cooperation one step further.

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Establish a framework for cooperation in which each person
has a place and is in his/her right place

The philosophy of cooperation

  • Ensuring that everyone feels included in the team or group
  • Finding the balance between giving and receiving
  • Being responsible for one’s words, actions and emotions
  • Daring to take one’s place and respect the place of others
  • Nurture a sense of belonging through the framework approved by the group

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

Henry Ford

Our common goal

  • Define the common goal of the team and the individual goals of each person
  • Involve all employees in the actions carried out
  • Strengthen intrinsic motivation
  • Encourage autonomy
  • Learn to delegate and trust

Together Everyone Achieves More”

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Giving meaning, a reason to be

Coach entreprise pour se reconnaître


Knowing and releasing the talents of each person helps optimise resources


  • Recognising individual and collective talents
  • Exploring multiple intelligences
  • Assessing one’s career path and interests
  • Define the processes to be put in place to enable each individual and the whole team grow

“Talent is a garden and work is its gardener”

Vincent Thomas Rey


  • Understanding the fundamentals of creativity
  • Enjoy developing your own creative skills
  • Encouraging a creative culture in your organisations
  • Adopt the pedagogy of error: trial and adjustment
  • Learn to bounce ideas off others

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

Albert Einstein
Coach entreprise pour créer


Dare to experiment and adapt to change

Coach entreprise pour construire


To smooth out the way of being and working together, taking into account the skills of each person

Collaborative processes

  • Facilitating quality speaking engagements
  • Creating effective meeting methods
  • Establishing moments to enrich the team
  • Encouraging the flow of information
  • Making the best use of resources

“When two forces unite, their efficiency double”

Isaac Newton

The quality of our relationship

  • Knowing the ingredients of a relationship of trust and equity
  • Listening to the needs of each person and of oneself
  • Define the conditions to allow each person to be authentic
  • Achieving a smooth and transparent communication
  • Welcoming otherness as a strength, not as a threat

“Listening to each other to better hear each other”

Daniel Confland
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Everyone is responsible for their actions, words and emotions

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