A moment of well-being with Energy@work

These times of uncertainty and constant change are putting our inner resources to the test. How can we keep up a good relationship with ourselves and with others? What healthy attitudes should we take to act effectively for the sake of both personal and professional objectives?

With a group of business coaches, aware of the current context, we have created Energy@work.

Energy@work offers a range of simple and effective exercises so that everyone can take responsibility for their well-being, their physical, emotional and mental health. Our mission is to enable everyone to learn these practices and use them autonomously to help reduce stress and refocus.

In concrete terms, we offer members of your organization the opportunity to participate in experiential workshops and discover new and inspiring methods through these wellness breaks.

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Our approach

  • Warm up: physical, relational and emotional issues related to the energy of the season
  • Simple, creative and effective exercises to center yourself, to assert yourself, to become aware of your own rhythm. To be explored together and practiced alone.
  • To be explored together and practiced alone


The benefits of this approach

  • Take away ideas for practicing individual and group exercises
  • Strengthen sharing, trust and mutual support between staff, increase resilience
  • Overcome your own beliefs about these innovative practices

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