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Growing together through the cooperation model

Cooperation is the willingness of everyone to contribute equally to the achievement of the common goal, with an additional dimension of human and relational commitment. To move towards cooperation, we propose to develop reflexes of trust, creative energy, freedom and shared responsibility.

Our approach takes into account elements such as maturity, rhythm, energy, values and will, at the individual and collective level, to guide the team to where it is ready to go.

6 leviers de la coopération d'un coach entreprise


To carry out this mission, we use a model created by Nathalie Ledur and Caroline Delmeire, founders of the coaching company Viavectis. This model is based on more than 10 years of experience in team coaching and the application of theories from collective intelligence and positive psychology.

Ludocoaching, a partner

Ludocoaching is an effective complement to traditional coaching techniques. It uses games and creativity techniques as a support for human development. We facilitate this process in 3 steps.

Step 1

It’s your turn to play!

Live a physical and emotional experience through play

  • Have fun
  • Let go
  • Unleash your childlike nature

Step 2

Oops or wow ?

Looking back on what you have learned

  • Express your feelings
  • Raise awareness
  • Observe the team dynamics

Step 3

Action !

From the game to the reality of the field

  • Make links with professional projects
  • Set up a first action plan

You can learn more about someone in an hour of play
than in a year of conversation.



This approach is based on the observation that games and creativity :

  • are powerful indicators of team behavior
  • create links and facilitate the development of energy
  • maintain a constant capacity to learn and evolve
  • allow for authentic expression and develop collective skills.


  • We make sure to create a climate of trust
  • We ensure a friendly, encouraging and benevolent environment
  • We do not set any traps in the game
  • We lead the participants to find their own solutions
  • We offer different group dynamics
    (solo, duo, sub-groups, plenary)
Jeu avec un coach entreprise

Games open a virtual window of freedom, with nothing at stake. They offer a place to try things out, where mistakes become an opportunity to evolve. Playing connects us to different forms of intelligence.

Creativity helps us think outside the box and make new rules. It brings agility to the teams and enables them to find innovative solutions.

Jeu coopératif coach entreprise
Bulle sur un océan


Humanistic coaching has been taught to us at the Leading and Coaching Academy.

The methods used in this type of coaching are based on analytical thinking, logic, structure, intuition, creativity and emotions. Creating a balance between all these ways of understanding the world, optimizes the possibilities of personal evolution and realization.

It is an approach based on positive psychology which uses various theoretical models such as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), the GROW model, Transactional Analysis or systemic approach.

The starting point is a positive assessment of the skills and know-how of a person and/or a group, which has the effect of reinforcing self-esteem, self-confidence and confidence in others and allows the natural emergence of development paths.

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